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What does the color of the device’s lights mean?

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The device has two different lamps that communicate different modes. One lamp on top of the device for general communication and one lamp inside the device itself.

The lamp on top of the device…

…flashes green
Your device is connected to your phone, properly attached to your body and collecting biodata. Everything is as it should be.

…glows green
Sometimes it can take 5-10 seconds for the device to switch to flashing green from the moment you put it on. Wait a bit and see if it goes to blinking. If it doesn’t, try restarting the device and see if that helps.

…doesn’t light at all
The device is either in sleep mode or out of battery. Plug the device into a USB charger with the cable provided. Once the device is charged, you can ensure that it is working by reading the answer under the question Check that device is working.

… fades between red and orange
The device is charging! For newer devices, it will tone in red and orange. Charging the device usually takes 2-3 hours. When the device is fully charged, it will change to a steady green light.

… lights steady green
The device is fully charged.

…flashes white
Only visible when you connect to your device. The white flash is used to confirm that you are connecting to the correct device. Make sure your device is flashing before confirming “Yes, my device is flashing”. If it is not your device that is flashing, you are probably connecting to another device nearby so please be aware of this.

…flashing blue
The device needs to be connected to a smartphone via the Linkura app. If it’s your first time charging the device, let it charge for 2-3 hours and then follow the start-up guide in the app. If it is not your first time using the device, read the answer for the question: the device is flashing blue.

…flashes red once and then goes out
Indicates that the device has lost contact with your body. Happens when you take the device off and can sometimes happen temporarily while you are wearing it.

…alternates between green and red glow
This means that the device is trying to measure but cannot find a stable measurement signal. Check that the device and strap are securely attached to your body.

The light inside the device…

…flashes red
Should only happen for very short periods of time when the device is restarted, either manually or automatically.

…illuminated red
The device has encountered a critical fault and is in a protection mode. The device needs to be restarted to return it to normal mode. To restart the device you click on the button under “My Device” at the home page of the app and then click on “Reboot device”. In case you cannot restart the device via the app, leave the device undisturbed and it will automatically turn off within 1-2 hours. You can then restart it by plugging it back in.

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