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Wearing the device on your body

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To get the best possible signal from the device, it is important that it is fitted correctly on the body.

You attach the strap around your chest and it is possible to adjust the length of the strap if you need to. The strap should fit snugly against your body without being uncomfortable.

We recommend that you move the strap up or down a few centimetres a few times during the days you measure to allow the skin underneath to breathe.

The device should be placed in front and centered on your chest with the light pointing upwards. When the green light is flashing, the device has started to collect your heartbeats.

When the device sits correctly on the body and flashes green, you can verify that the signal quality is good by opening the live view in the app. In there you can see your ECG signal in real time. Your ECG signal should look something like the figure below.

Example of a good ECG signal

You can check if you have a good measuring contact if your ECG signal follows the following criteria:

  • The signal is not noisy (i.e. there are not many notches up and down in the signal).
  • Clear peaks corresponding to your heartbeats.

If the signal is noisy, check the contact between the measuring pads and your skin and that the strap is in the right place on the body. Try changing the band if the problems persist.

Example of a noisy ECG signal without clear peaks
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