Why do Linkura use ECG?

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What is ECG?
ECG is the same technology as is used within healthcare for diagnosis and monitoring. Linkura measures the same signal but with the help of a chest strap, adapted for longer measurement in everyday life. The ECG provides a very accurate detection of when the heart beats, which is required to measure stress. The ECG is also a stable and safe method. Linkura’s ECG device is CE approved but not for diagnostic use. In Linkura’s products we never make any medical diagnosis.

Can’t you measure on the wrist instead of the chest?

Continuous ECG cannot be measured on the wrist since it requires two measurement points, one on either side of the heart. There are solutions for short term measurements where you put the other hand’s finger on the clock for example. Most commercial solutions for continuous measurement of cardiac activity in everyday life are based on optical measurement. That method is blunt and sensitive to interference. A stress measurement based on optical measurement does not provide the stability and safety of the measurement that we require. Our research has shown that ECG is the best method for our applications.

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