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Once the device has collected data the information from the device is uploaded to the app. The device has a built-in memory that lasts up to 7 days, but data are transferred just after a few minutes of use.

To transfer data you open the app. If there is enough data to transfer, the transfer of your data will start automatically within a minute. During the transfer, you must have the app open. If you close the app, the upload will start again. You will see in a progress bar how many percent of data is left to transfer.

As your data moves from the device to the app, it is simultaneously sent to our servers for analysis. All communication with our servers is done using secure and encrypted methods. Once the data has been uploaded, our algorithms translate your body’s signals into health data. Once the translation is complete, you can view your health data under the “Data Today” section.

No need to worry if your graphs don’t show up right away. Depending on the amount of data you upload, it can take up to 10 minutes for the algorithms to translate it into graphs.

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