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The app can’t find the device anymore

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If you had a working connection between the device and the app in the past that has stopped working, you can try the following:

– Restart the app. Instructions for iPhone and Android.

– Put the device on charge and open the app while the device is charging. If the device and app now connect, click on the button under “My Device” at the home tab in the app, then click “Reboot device”.

– Restart your phone.

Test the connection between each step mentioned above. If you have tested all the steps and a working connection is still not established, please contact us for assistance.

Specific to Android

For Android phones, you need to allow all the permissions needed for the app to work. The app will let you know if any required permissions are blocked. Without these rights, the app cannot contact the device. Location services are not used for anything other than looking for devices.

On Android 10, it is important that Location (GPS) is turned on in the system settings when a device is to be looked up and connected to the app. Once the device is paired, you can turn off Location.

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