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Skin irritation from strap

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The textile elastic part of the strap consists of nylon and spandex, materials very common in clothing. The strap has aluminium (non-nickel) buckles and two small rubber surfaces from which the signal is measured. The surfaces are made of silicone rubber mixed with carbon powder (not latex). There are therefore no strange or dangerous substances in the tape or in the measuring surfaces.

Nevertheless, some people who measure may experience a skin reaction, such as redness or itching. This is not an allergic reaction, but a reaction to the pressure on the skin under the strap and especially under the measuring surfaces, which does not allow the skin to breathe properly.

Therefore, if you have such skin problems, be sure to move the strap a few centimetres up or down from time to time during the days you measure, so that the skin underneath can rest.

Also, don’t tighten the strap too much, feel free to change the strap occasionally and never measure with a wet strap.

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