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Self-rated stress symptoms

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During the stress check, you will take a questionnaire called KEDS, designed and validated by a research group at Karolinska Institutet. The questions here provide a self-assessment of your stress symptoms on your body and an overall picture of your risk of suffering from fatigue.

With a score above 18, you answer in the same way as a group diagnosed with exhaustion does. This is at a statistical level and does not necessarily mean that you are exhausted, but you need to pay attention to your situation. At the same time, don’t be alarmed by this, about one in four people who do the stress check have a score above 18. There is no research yet that shows the likelihood of actually getting sick if you have a reading above 18 and don’t do anything about your situation.

If you have a high reading and/or feel that stress is making you feel unwell, for example you have sleeping problems, anxiety or palpitations, it is never wrong to contact a health centre or your occupational health service.

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