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Physical activity

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In the app, you can see your measured physical activity. Each bar corresponds to 15 minutes and shows how your level of exertion was distributed during that 15 minutes. Bright colour shows the number of minutes of low-intensity physical activity, corresponding to about 40-60% of your maximum heart rate. This level means that you are sweating but can talk to a friend without any problem. Dark colour indicates the number of minutes of high-intensity physical activity, equivalent to 60% of your maximum heart rate or more.

NOTE: The calculation is based on your heart rate, but in order for the activity to be recorded you also need to move.

If you want to compare your value against the WHO recommendation, the amount of physical activity should be above 60 minutes per day, but here high-intensity physical activity is counted twice. The value shown at the top is calculated in the same way so you can compare against the recommendation, i.e. it shows total time of low-intensity physical activity plus twice the total time of high-intensity physical activity.

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