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Move account to new phone

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Time for a new phone? No problem! Of course, you can move Linkura to the new phone.

  1. Make sure the device is charged and nearby.
  2. Open Linkura in your old phone.
  3. Tap the button under “My Device” at the home tab.
  4. Select “Disconnect device” and confirm by pressing “Disconnect”.
  5. Go back to the home tab and open Settings under the three dots.
  6. Click on “Log out” and confirm by pressing OK.
  7. Put away your old phone.
  8. Download and install Linkura on your new phone.
  9. Open the app and select “I have an account”.
  10. Enter your login details and click “Log in”.
  11. Click on the button under “My device” at the home tab.
  12. Click on “Connect to device”.
  13. Follow the instructions to connect your device.
  14. Once the device is connected, you can resume using Linkura as usual.

If your new phone does not find the device in step 11, the following will usually help:

  • Double-check that the device is charged
  • Turn off the app on the old phone
  • Delete/uninstall Linkura from the old phone
  • Restart Linkura on the new phone (Restarting the App on an iPhone)

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