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Gaps in measurement

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Gaps in measurement can be caused by several things:

The strap loses contact with the body. Problems in the interface between body and strap are the most common reason for data loss. On the back of the strap are electrodes that must be against the skin at all times. If the electrodes lose contact with the skin, the device cannot collect data. It is also important that the device is positioned in front and in the center of your chest. When wearing the device, you can tell that it is losing contact if the device either lights up/flashes a red light or the light is not lit at all.

To make a good contact, you need to double check that the strap is firmly against your body. It should not be uncomfortably tight, but it should also not be able to slip around when you move.

If you are wearing a bra, double-check that the strap does not slip up and lie on top of the bra. Try to be extra attentive about the contact with your body and possibly tighten the strap a little to see if it makes a difference.

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