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Adjust sleep time

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If you want to adjust your sleep time, go to “Data Today” > “Sleep” and click on one of the two bed symbols. You can then set both the “Time went to bed” and the “Time got up”.

Sleep time is the time the device has recorded that you are asleep. For example, you may have been in bed from 10 pm to 6 am, i.e. 8 hours, but it took you half an hour to fall asleep and you woke up a few times during the night. In this case, the recorded sleep time shown in the app will be seven hours rather than eight.

Another thing that can shorten the recorded sleep time is if the device has not been able to measure the whole night. This could be because you lost the strap or the device got stuck during sleep. In these cases, the amount of sleep time may show up incorrectly compared to what you actually slept.

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